I’m confused.

The Marvel panel was on at something like 1:30am UK time and happened whilst I was tucked up in bed. I awoke this morning to three texts from my friend who did stay up to witness the panel saying that they had announced Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but no Black Widow film. That’s a little disappointing, but hey ho. I remain hopeful. There are still a lot of slots left in that release schedule that is going round, maybe they want to wait until Scarlett has had her baby before they announce something. Whatever. I still have Agent Carter to get ridiculously excited about. 

But then I’m going through the tags and I see that there has been talk of boycotting Agent Carter? What? Why? Do people not realise how counter-intuitive that is? You don’t protest your disapproval of one female fronted thing not happening by intentionally harming the only female fronted thing we’ve got! 

You support Agent Carter. You sit down and watch it every week. You tell your friends about it. You blog about it. You make gifs about it and buy the dvds/blu rays. You show Marvel that there is a demand for a female fronted franchise until they get the message and give us a Black Widow film and maybe some other female superheroes too. 

I want a Black Widow film too. But not at the expense of Peggy Carter.